Hi, my name is Zack Fortag I am the founder of Ahead of time and a young entrepreneur and in this blog, I am going to be giving my top five tips for any young person wanting to start a business. I have run companies since I was 15 and have learnt a lot over the past few years.

My first tip would be to not give up as a entrepreneur you will likely face many challenges and want to give up however you have to dip in and be determined to keep in going. If you look at companies like Coca Cola who sold only a few bottles in their first year or someone like James Dyson it took him 15 years to get it right.

My second tip would be to learn and take setbacks as a lesson. As you start to run a company you will face many problems and issues however if you use that as a lesson you will grow as an entrepreneur and the next time that situation comes up you can learn how to deal with it.

My third tip was to expand your profile in any company you need connections and contacts. There are some great sites like LinkedIn, Instagram even our site you can connect with fellow young people and some of the most successful people in many fields at a click of the button.

My fourth tip is hard work, especially for new entrepreneurs you may not have a team you may be a solo band, so all work is from you. The harder the work the more progress you will gain, it’s one of the most crucial tips you can use to be successful. If you listen to any successful person, the two elements which they will all say is hard work and working hard.

My fifth tip which is a topic which is very important is adapting. For example, you may start a events company like me and a worldwide pandemic hits you need to learn how to adapt and find opportunities to overcome this and progress. This could happen by a customer not paying or not being able to sell adapt and overcome this issue and you will succeed.

I hope these five tips help, across our site we have many videos from other entrepreneurs to find more about me you can check my social media