Hi, my name is Adam day I am a recruitment and CV expert in the following blog I am going to help you with CV information and interview training.

CV Structure There is no single, standard way of structuring a C.V. but the main components are as follows:

Personal Details

Career Objectives

Employment History

Skills and Interests (particularly skills such as vocational qualifications and languages)


Two particularly important sections are Career Objectives and Employment History (though the others should not be neglected) and it is worth discussing these sections in a little more detail. The Career Objectives section should very briefly detail the type of position (and possibly the type of company) that you are seeking and why you are right for the role. It also gives you the opportunity to highlight the key strengths and attributes that you could bring to bear in the role.

The Employment History section provides key employment information and should demonstrate a clear development path right up to the present time. The whole section should link with and offer justification for your Career Objectives.

Prepping for your Interview You should start by having a good understanding of the company and what they specialise in and value. You can never do enough research before an interview and company information updates all the time. Also research the role you have applied for. Think about why you are applying for it so that you can convey your passion and interest in it. If it’s in a sector that is new to you try to think about how your skills transfer.

Answering Questions, you will of course be asked lots of questions during the interview. Try to answer questions fully with examples without over talking. One-line answers will not get you very far but equally some people talk too much when they are nervous, and this can be just as distracting. Think of your answers to questions as short paragraphs rather than short sentences or essays. When using examples of past accomplishment make sure they are positive ones which demonstrate your clear thinking and the results you achieved for your employer.

A few areas to have a think about

 •What do you know about the company?

•What do you expect from them?

 •What can you bring to the team?