Hi everyone my name is Zack Fortag and I am the founder of the Ahead of Time academy. The Ahead of Time brand started in 2015 as a motivational fashion brand. We helped over 100 young people have a chance to work within fashion and business. AOT sold in over 12 countries, 3 continents and worked with companies like ASOS and Boys Base in the UK and stores in America.

I created this Academy as I felt there is a real lack of options out there for young people to network, support each other and learn from successful people. The initial plan was to hold events in London from May 2020 but due to COVID-19 we have had to postpone these events. In the meantime, we have changed our plan to create a subscription-based model. All our speakers have provided world-class content, which will give you a real-world education during these hard times. I have handpicked all our speakers, so please check some of the video content and the speakers to see their industry achievements. Included with your subscription you get hours and hours of content, with new content and categories being added each week, giveaways, webinars with speakers and access to our future events.

We are also working with youth clubs, charities and schools by providing them discounts to help during this tough time.

As you can see the categories we offer are:

  • Business and marketing
  • University education – internships/pathways
  • Financial education
  • Stocks/crypto investing
  • Coding
  • C.V. interviews/training.

We also offer companies a chance to partner with us. Perhaps you are a young person looking for internships in business, marketing, sales, social media and video editing? We can help you, please email marketing@aheadoftimeacademy.com to apply.

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