As a little girl, I had always dreamed of going to university because that is the route I had been entrained with through the system. However, it wasn’t until I reached midway through my secondary school years that I realised university was not for me. I always hated school, but knew it was something I couldn’t escape until I had the option of figuring which way to go down. Do I navigate my life towards a “working” path or a “study” path? I had already done a lot of “on my feet” type of jobs before leaving sixth form, so already having this insight of the working world, made me confident in my decision.

I studied Psychology, Geography and French for my A-Levels. I never appreciated the subjects I had chosen until it was after I left sixth form. During my second year of studying, I had discovered a passion in poetry and creative writing, so I dedicated some time towards it, which later opened many doors to many lanes I had yet to discover! I ended up performing at various poetry/spoken-word nights which has, fortunately, aided me to create new friendships and working opportunities as well as building up my confidence and socialising skills. Although, my main PAID job is currently  at an events venue working as bar staff, including other outside event work, but I put time aside towards my spoken-word and song writing/music that I do as a hobby.

We always ask ourselves this question, “What do I want to be when I’m older?” and it seems like this question is still impossible to answer at any age or point in your life. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO BE! However, that is the beauty of life, it gives you the option to discover and cultivate yourself with as much as you can. The realisation of not knowing can be quite daunting and de-motivating, but you also have to remember that you only get ONE life so make the most of it! Try new things that you have always wanted to do, whether that is snorkelling or studying a photography course. I am in no way shape or form stating that university is a horrendous option, who knows, I may end up studying something that I find along my years to come! Its just important to focus on how you are willing to spend your time, (avoid being a BUM) and how you can contribute to life.

 If I could give the best advice that I tell myself all the time, it would be this one. Fear is the killer of all dreams, and who doesn’t like to have sweet sugar-coated dreams? NOBODY!