AFTV is a football fan youtube channel and website directed at at arsenal fans. The channel started in 2012 and their channel includes fan interviews, previews and reviews of arsenal matches. They have interviewed past and current players including Giroud, ian Wright and Henr. The channel now has 1.2 million subscribers and has nearly 900 million views. 

Berkshire youth

Berkshire youth support young people as they reach for their potential as leaders of tomorrow or seeking to support vulnerable young people with their transition from childhood to adolescence; a business looking for ways to support the development of young people’s health and well-being.

They work with a range of partners, including Parish Councils, to ensure the most hard to reach young people are able to access support and services when they most need them.



UK YOUTH is one of the leading national charities committed to ensure all young people are empowered to build bright future. They support an estimated one and a half million young people. They offer support, advice and training to equip young people with great skills. UK YOUTH work across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Last year as a company they spent over £5.2 million on young people. 

You press

You Press is an award-winning social enterprise based in London. Our projects empower young people (between 16-30 years old) and underrepresented communities to find their voice and be heard. This involves challenging stereotypes and stigmas about young people and communities through the creative arts, media, training and writing. We are committed to working with young people & communities from varied social and cultural backgrounds.


Spotlight is a multi-million pound creative youth service designed to inspire.  It offers free and state-of-the-art sound, film, design, art and broadcasting facilities, alongside performance, dance, boxing, fashion, and chill areas. It’s a unique, welcoming space that’s open all young people age 11-19 (and up to 25 with SEND), and is dedicated to growing young talent. We aim to inspire successful futures by providing world-class programmes and youth work support in a safe, empowering and enjoyable environment.