Caroline Adams
Social media expert
About Me

Caroline Adams is the owner of Black Cat Social and is a social media consultant. Caroline has  managed social media for big brands such as Nokia and ibis hotels but now focuses on training small businesses on best practises. Her specialisms include brand building, content creation and paid Facebook ads. Caroline loves that this job allows her to travel, get creative and create awesome campaigns with a strong, emotive message. She has been lucky enough to work on overseas shoots in places such as Turkey, Holland and California. When it comes to social media marketing, there are so many opportunities available to you, so her advice would be to find an industry that you are passionate about, get some experience and go from there. In a world where anyone can create content if they have a mobile phone, anything is possible. Make sure you stand out from the crowd in your job applications by having examples of content you have created yourself, or examples of campaigns that you enjoyed. This will show genuine initiative and really make you stand out. Good luck!