About Me

Daryl Woodhouse is a 26-time award-winning Adviser and  Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Non-Executive Director, Business School Lecturer and Executive Coach.

He is a proud Dad to three young children and loves  helping others through sharing his personal experience and career success in mental health, life-work balance and productivity skills. Daryl’s career began in 2001 at HSBC, and in 2012 he used his skills as a leader and entrepreneur to set up his own company,  Advantage Business Partnerships Limited. In 2016  he was pushing himself too hard. This, combined with a personal trauma, pushed him into a cycle of burnout, anxiety and depression. His road to recovery ended in 2018, when he learnt first hand that a life-work  balance and productivity expertise is the best way to optimise business/career success and achieve a happier life. He decided to use this experience to help other people build successful businesses and careers while developing a healthy work/life balance.

 He achieves this by combining his personal experiences with unique methodologies and tools. At speaking engagements, training workshops and advisory assignments, he helps companies, leaders and entrepreneurs increase productivity, prevent burnout and improve  mental fitness.

As an avid networker, Daryl invites you to connect with  him and follow his media channels for access to regular content to help you get ahead in life and work quicker, more easily and with less stress!