Michelle Turpin Cope
Money managment expert
About Me

Michelle Turpin Cope is the lead trainer at Copeability Training, and the co-founder of Mr & Mrs Knowhow Ltd., a personal development online family firm that helps unlock and transform people’s potential by focusing on behavioural and mind set change to achieve a successful and fulfilling life. She is passionate about helping people by thinking differently about money and debt, and the best ways to achieve financial freedom. It’s her aim to empower and raise awareness for the importance of financial literacy.
Her previous expertise formally around maternity: maternal and early child health. This is where she believes in the importance of effective early parental preparation and individualised support during pregnancy, particularly for first time parents-to be, and first-time single mothers and fathers. Her expertise was supporting vulnerable women with mental health challenges and teenage pregnancy.
Most people don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan. With her previous extensive experience in HEALTH, her ongoing and increasing knowledge in WEALTH creation and retention, she personally freed herself from bad debts, strongly believing that she is now in the best position to SERVE and help others towards financial freedom and a successful fulfilling life.