Ozzy Raza
About Me

Ozzy Raza is a very successful entrepreneur he is the founder of two successful companies a public speaker, investor and serial entrepreneur. His main motive is to learn more, be more and contribute more so we all achieve remarkable results as one community and thrive together. 

Ozzy never had a easy time growing up and in business he faced many bullies in school, he also lost £75,000 before the age of 24 and was nearly homeless at the age of 25. He was in debt with hs banks over £50,000 and through hard work managed to pay it back within 6 months. He is now working on 2 innovative apps as well as running 2 successful companies. 

 Ozzy has learnt from some of the best entreprenur in the world here you can see him with Gary Vaynerchuck, he has also learnt from Grant Cardone and went to Australia before the movie even came out to meet and learn from Jordan Belfort.