Rangel Rangelov
About Me

Rangel is a web developer from Plovdiv, Bulgaria with 4 years of experience. Currently working at Rubber Duck as Tech Lead for the last 3 years. He’s interested in everything related to programming and design, currently his main focus is Front-end development. Rangel started his development experience in middle-school, after a few years of being interested in design. He’s been part of a few local and international internship programs for both front-end and back-end development. Right after graduating from high-school, he started working as a Front-end developer oriented more around UI and design. A few months later, he started working for Rubber Duck as their first employee in Plovdiv where he’s been part of many different types of projects for different-sized companies using many front-end tools and technologies. Meanwhile he has  been helping to grow Rubber Duck’s office in Plovdiv and already leading a team of 10 people. Currently Rangel is working with a German sports services leader on their internal systems and public website.